"Excellent, Guardian. You not only show individual strength, but you are clearly capable of working among a team of Guardians. This is good, because teamwork will become even more important. Based on what you've observed, and the items you brought me for analysis, I think I've figured out what's happened here. CluDathoon has somehow stolen the ancient Elder Ship buried beneath Avalon, in the Nexus. That ship is equipped with weaponry that is capable of doing damage like this, and it's also capable of instantly travelling to any point in space or time. Anyone who controls a ship like that would be very difficult to stop. The Elder Ship isn't missing from the Hangar in the Nexus beneath Avalon, though. Cludathoon must have stolen it from Mirror Avalon! Guardian! There's no time to waste. You must travel to Mirror Avalon at once, and investigate! Follow the instructions in /quest, to find Mirror Avalon.

After accepting this quest, go to /warp spawn and hold your compass. (Now that you're no longer in the Dark Dimension, your compass will begin working again.) Walk down the steps and head across the bridge. Follow your compass to the entrance and then within the Nexus. Keep a close eye on your chat log when you need to change direction, and look at your compass to see which direction you must take. When you reach the final hallway, walk to the end of it and look to the left just before the entrance to the giant room. Hit the crystal and wait for the portal next to it to appear. When it has, walk through it. (Hint: make sure you're looking down to see an awesome transition!) Once on the other side, explore the immediate area and read the books found in the chests for further understanding. When finished, go to the crystal on the right just before the entrance to the giant room and hit it. Enter the portal that appears. When you have done so, walk down the steps and read the floating text. Head down the bridge and speak with Morte.

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