"My scanners have detected the Great Evil's Dimensional Spacecraft in the area! This explains everything. The Great Evil is using a ship like mine, which is capable of instantly moving to any point in space or time. This allows him to use his energy weapon on his unsuspecting victims without warning. We should get as much information as we can about the type of technology he's using. Head straight to his spacecraft, and see if you can confront him!"

Leave Nichol's house and follow your compass to the spacecraft. You will have to fly to it so you can reach the entrance. When you are inside, walk forward to CluDathoon and speak with him. When your conversation is complete, he will teleport you outside the ship. Return to /warp chapter2.

Conversation with CluDathoon

CluDathoon: Greetings, [playername]. I am CluDathoon. I have been watching you. It's about time we met. Have you heard of me?

Player: {Type "yes" in chat} Yes, don't they call you the Great Evil?

CluDathoon: Yes, [playername]. The ignorant citizens usually do call me the Great Evil. Personally, I don't see what's so evil about wanting to rule the galaxy. If it wasn't for me, the Elders would probably be running the place. They've spread across the galaxy like a cancer. I've been doing the galaxy a favour by wiping them out. Same with you Guardians. Listen, I'll spare you today. But next time we meet, you won't be so lucky. BEGONE from my sight, puny Guardian!

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