"A Guardian? Unbelievable. I'm surprised you'd actually show your face here, after all that's happened. Personally, I'm glad you decided not to show up until now; thanks to CluDathoon, I've been able to seize the kingdom of Avalon for myself. For months, I've been hearing CluDathoon's voice in my mind... guiding me, reassuring me, showing me the true way. Now, he rewards me with a kingdom of my own, Avalon! It may not be perfect, but it is MINE to rule. Why don't you get yourself re-acquainted with my new kingdom? Follow your compass, and re-visit some of Avalon's major landmarks."

This is the first quest you will receive from Xanthar, who will give you the first half of the quests found in Chapter 4. Pay close attention to the instructions listed in chat, and follow your compass. Leave the throne room and head to the church. Next, follow your compass to the entrance to Lower Avalon, and descend the stairs. Visit the remains of Andley's Inn, and follow the old path to the Crypt. Walk up the steps to the Crypt, but don't go inside yet. When you have complete the quest, return to Emperor Xanthar.

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