"Hey, you're new around here, aren't you? You should go and meet King Xero. Click the compass to accept this quest, and begin your adventure."

This is the first quest you will receive when you arrive in Avalon. It is given to you by Kronos, located on the bridge in front of the market.

When you accept the quest, you will walk forward to the entrance of the market, and you are given the option of speaking with Cagular, Avalon's Chief Information Officer. Cagular will give you information on who he is and what you are doing in Avalon. To the right of him, you will find a redstone torch path. Follow the path to King Xero's throne. Along the way, you will pass Xur's shop, the Avalon Bank, the jail, and the church. The quest is completed as you walk towards King Xero. Speak with King Xero for the rest of the quests found in Chapter 1.

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