"I've heard from Morte that he's seen some unusual activity around Avalon. He thinks there might be a group of former Avalon residents who have banded together to form some kind of Resistance. We're not sure where they are... yet. I want you to practice your flying skills and survey the entire island. If anyone DARES oppose me now, I will find them, and wipe them out. Go to /warp MirrorJump, and fly through the rings. Use /quest and your compass to check which ring you're on."

Teleport to /warp mirrorjump and locate the first ring. Put on your wings and rocket boots and fly through the ring. Fly through each ring one by one, surrounding all of Avalon. You only have to pass through each ring once. If you die or lose track, teleport back to /warp mirrorjump and let your compass guide you to the ring. Once you have flown through every ring, return to Emperor Xanthar.

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