The Wither Queen, by far, is one of the most mysterious bosses. Found far within the depths of the Corruption, she lurks, finding more victims to wither away. The most we know is that after CluDathoon had finished corrupting the Caverns, he summoned the Wither Queen, known as one of his strongest commanders, leaving her in the caverns to grow further in strength.

Boss Battle

The Wither Queen is currently the only known flying boss, making it a difficult one. Not only that, but she has two healing crystals to manage. To start off, she will commence attacks such as raining fireballs on you, or entrapping you within webs. During these times, it would be best to get away from her, as it leaves you vulnerable to her minions, spiders, unaffected by webs. When she nears the ground, switch to melee weapons, since she becomes invulnerable to arrows. Make sure to use minion control as well.




Experience 630-885 100%
Thieves' Cover 1 20%
Arrow of Weakness 64 60%
Arrow of Slowness 64 60%
Hordradric Cube 1 3%
Queen's Mind 1 10%
Potion of Strength 1 100%
Splash Potion of Night Vision 1 100%
Emerald 9 100%
Unidentified Diamond Boots 1 60%
Unidentified Diamond Chestplate 1 70%
Unidentified Diamond Axe 1 60%
Identity Tome 1 100%
Socket Gems N/A 5%
Guardian Crate Key 1 25%
Golden Crate Key 3 100%
Vote Crate Key 3 100%
Queen's Rage 1 4%
Scroll of Fireball 6 50%
Scroll of Rain 5 50%
Scroll of Heal Caster 6 50%
Scroll of Call Lightning 4 50%
Purple Veteran Wings 1 2%
Explorer's Pick 1 5%
Explorer's Shovel 1 5%
Explorer's Axe 1 5%
Queen's Strategy 1 2%
Queen's Resolve 1 2%
Queen's Intentions 1 2%
Queen's Prowl 1 2%